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Anthem hack, Net neutrality, Municipal broadband, Twitter, etc.

By Brian Warkoczeski
February 27, 2015 7:52 am

A look at IT news...

636,075 Michigan residents caught up in national health insurance hack

Mlive - A cyberattack on national health insurance company Anthem compromised data from an estimated 80 million people, including 636,075 in Michigan.

Net neutrality ruling: What it means for you

CBS News - The Federal Communications Committee voted Thursday to regulate the Internet under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act, which currently applies to telephone service.

FCC votes to overturn state laws limiting municipal broadband plans

Computerworld - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to overturn large parts of two state laws that limit local governments from funding and building broadband networks.

HP Said in Talks to Buy Aruba Networks

New York Times - Hewlett-Packard is in talks to buy Aruba Networks, a maker of WiFi access equipment for businesses, people briefed on the matter said on Wednesday.

Researchers uncover signs of Superfish-style attacks

Network World - EFF duo find clues of possible attacks against visitors to Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Wells Fargo and other websites.

Twitter adds more reporting tools to curb abuse and improve safety

InfoWorld - Twitter has made it easier to report impersonation, self-harm and leaked private information. hijack reportedly pulled off by hack on upstream registrar

Ars Technica - People used hack on to redirect Lenovo and Google traffic.

Hackers exploit router flaws in unusual pharming attack

CIO - An email-based attack spotted in Brazil recently employed an unusual but potent technique to spy on a victim's Web traffic.

Net Neutrality Rules Pass, FCC Readies For Fight

Information Week - The decision to reclassify ISPs under FCC regulations represents a triumph for open Internet activists.

Republican bill would overturn FCC municipal broadband decision

InfoWorld - The new legislation would prevent the agency from moving forward with its decision to preempt state laws restricting city broadband.

Google makes its largest renewable energy investment

Washington Post - The company is investing $300 million in a SolarCity fund to get residential solar projects built.

Komodia Certificate Manipulation Likely Led To Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

Threat Post - The EFF's Decentralized SSL Observatory turned up 1,600 certificates that should have been rejected but instead passed browser checks because they were manipulated by Komodia's SSL Digester interception module.

Security Vendors Say New Technologies Needed to to Bolster Cloud Defenses

eWeek - Worries about security are keeping the brakes on the growth of cloud computing despite a huge drop in infrastructure costs that are making it cost effective for enterprises to move their data centers off the premises.

Apple takes 89 percent of all smartphone profits worldwide

ZDNET - With a 20 percent share of all smartphone shipments in Q4 2014, Apple took nearly all the industry's profits. It's a situation that could could spell trouble for Google.

Aereo bankruptcy auction fetches less than $2 million

CNET - An attorney for the defunct streaming-TV service calls the results disappointing. The company had expected to bring in anywhere from $4 million to $31.2 million.

Google steps up its BYOD game; looks to secure more than a billion mobile devices

CSO - On Wednesday, Google officially launched Android for Work, which was announced last June at its I/O conference.


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