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  IT Developments Blog

HP, Mobile malware, Uber, Alcatel, etc.

By Brian Warkoczeski
March 03, 2015 8:00 am

A look at IT news...

HP to buy Aruba to bolster its wireless networking business

Computerworld - The $2.7B deal will allow HP to take advantage of businesses with increasingly mobile employees.

Mobile malware outbreak strikes Android devices

ZDNET - AdaptiveMobile has uncovered a new mobile malware campaign which uses phone contacts to spread.

Uber Announces Breach of 'Partner' Information

Threat Post - Uber announced that attackers had compromised databases containing current and former driver partner names and license numbers.

Alcatel's tech binds Wi-Fi, LTE together for crazy high speeds

CNET - The company's "Unified Wireless Networks" concept promises to more than double your download speeds, boost your upload speed by 55 times and double the Wi-Fi range.

WordPress to Remain Most Attacked Platform, Researchers Say

eWeek - Cyber-criminals continue to focus on the popular open-source Web content management platform and its ecosystem of plugins, according to researchers.

Chip Makers Will Merge in Deal Worth $11.8 Billion

New York Times - NXP Semiconductors will pay $11.8 billion for Freescale Semiconductor, a smaller rival, in a merger that creates a major maker of chips for a range of industries.

Virginia Labs, Businesses Engineer Ways to Fight Hackers

Government Technology - In the battle against cybercriminals, Virginia is mustering its troops.

Google Buys .App Web Domain for $25 Million

NBC News - The Internet's naming system is expanding beyond the traditional domains like .com and .org--and this week Google paid $25 million for ".app" in an auction.

Qualcomm unveils its answer to Touch ID: Ultrasonic fingerprint scanning

Ars Technica - It's the same tech that's used in ultrasonic medical imaging, just smaller.

Google Wireless Network Project Confirmed

Information Week - In his keynote at Mobile World Congress 2015, Google's Sundar Pichai said the company will make an announcement on its plans to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

Mozilla tackles parallel JavaScript

InfoWorld - Mozilla is experimenting with its SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine to maximize hardware power.

Ikea to put wireless phone charging in furniture

CBS News - The company will be putting charging stations into some of its furniture so you can charge your phone just by setting it down on the right spot on your end table.

D-Link patches router, says more fixes are on the way

CSO - D-Link issued fixes on Monday for flaws that could allow remote access to one of its routers, and will patch several other models in the coming week.

This tiny card will give your smartphone 200 GB of storage

CNN Money - The days of deleting apps and photos from your phone to free up storage may soon be history.

Biometric Security is On the Rise

CIO - Biometric security is on a sharp growth curve, according to a number of recent research reports.


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