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Apple flaw, Ccybersecurity bill, Wi-Fi component flaw, CozyDuke, etc.

By Brian Warkoczeski
April 23, 2015 8:10 am

A look at IT news...

Apple: Mac security flaw fixed. Expert: Wrong

CNN Money - Macintosh computers still have a major security flaw. Apple said it had fixed the problem - but it didn't.

House approves controversial cybersecurity bill

CNET - The House of Representatives passed bipartisan legislation on Wednesday designed to help companies and the federal government better defend against the growing threat of cyberattacks, despite opposition from privacy advocates.

SSL certificate flaw allows hackers to crash devices running iOS 8

CSO - A flaw in iOS 8 would allow attackers to render devices running the mobile OS useless if they're within range of a fake wireless hotspot, according to researchers from security firm Skycure.

Wi-Fi Component Flaw Exposes Windows, Linux, OS X Systems

Security Week - Researchers have identified a vulnerability in wpa_supplicant, the popular Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) supplicant for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and various other operating systems.

Financial Botnets Go Beyond Banking to Hit Payroll, HR Portals

eWeek - Recent takedowns force criminals to keep their botnets modest, target smaller banks and compromise other types of networks for financial gain.

White House, State Department Counted Among CozyDuke APT Victims

Threat Post - A data-mining advanced persistent threat hit a handful of high profile targets last year, including the White House's computer network.

SDN start-up stitches together clouds

Network World - Avni founded by Cisco, Juniper veterans to develop cloud application portability.

Facebook's Growth Slows Slightly, but Mobile Shift Intensifies

New York Times - The company said that three-quarters of its first-quarter ad revenue and most of its visitors came from mobile devices.

Google finally pulls the curtain off its Project Fi wireless service

PC World - Now you can pay Google for cell service, while the company routes you through T-Mobile and Sprint's 4G LTE networks.

Government Giving 'No More Free Passes' To Cybercriminals

Dark Reading - At RSA Conference today, Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin explained the government's new "all tools approach" to cracking down on cyberespionage and other crime.

Comcast's role as Hulu part-owner being examined by Justice Department

Ars Technica - Merger review looks at whether Comcast complied with NBCUniversal conditions.

Google, Apple, Amazon spend record amounts on lobbying

InfoWorld - Government report shows tech heavyweights in the first quarter spent more on lobbying in Washington, D.C.

House bill slashes research critical to cybersecurity

Computerworld - A U.S. House bill that will set the nation's basic research agenda for the next two years increases funding for computer science, but at the expense of other areas important to cybersecurity.

Study: Firms not ready to respond to complex threats

CIO - Only 46 percent of organizations have confidence that their security teams can respond to complex threats.


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