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  IT Developments Blog

IPv4, VPN, San Francisco fiber, Point-to-point encryption, etc.

By Brian Warkoczeski
July 02, 2015 7:58 am

A look at IT news...

Want an IPv4 Internet address? Get in line

PC World - North America's Internet registry has started a waiting list for requests it can't fulfill.

VPN users, beware: You may not be as safe as you think you are

InfoWorld - Thanks to IPv6 leakage, your data could be out there for anyone to see.

Wi-Fi password-sharing feature in Windows 10 raises security concerns

CIO - Called Wi-Fi Sense, the feature is designed to make it easier for people to get Internet access for their devices while they're on the go by automatically logging them into wireless hotspots.

Vandals cut San Francisco area fiber optic lines for 11th time in a year

CNN - Fiber optic Internet cables in the San Francisco Bay area have been cut so often in the last year that the FBI is joining the investigation.

PCI Council Updates Point-to-Point Encryption Standard

Security Week - The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) announced this week an update to the Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) standard.

In Tests, Yahoo Uses Google to Power Search Results and Ads

New York Times - Yahoo is turning to the world's dominant provider of web searches to power some of its own search results. The tests could lead to a deeper relationship between the two companies, whose previous efforts to cooperate on search were blocked by antitrust regulators.

Attackers Revive Deprecated RIPv1 Routing Protocol in DDoS Attacks

Threat Post - An advisory from Akamai warns of a recent reflection style DDoS attack in which the deprecated RIPv1 routing protocol was leveraged against targets.

The Internet just persuaded Sprint not to slow online videos to a crawl

Washington Post - Hours after unveiling a new program for consumers that automatically slowed videos to dial-up speeds, Sprint is backtracking.

Appeals court says Apple is liable for e-book price-fixing

Ars Technica - Apple lost a price-fixing case, fought the charges, but found no help in higher court.

Intel's first Skylake chips coming in August

Computerworld - Fancy a Mac or Windows 10 PC with Intel's new processors code-named Skylake? That will soon be possible: Intel will launch its first chips based on the new architecture in the first week of August.

Report: Every company is compromised, but most infections not yet at critical stage

CSO - In a recent analysis of a quarter-million endpoint devices in 40 enterprises, every single corporate network showed evidence of a targeted intrusion but most of the activity was not yet at the most-dangerous data exfiltration stage.

Apple's new warranty will replace your battery before it's half dead

CBS News - Apple has added a new feature to its AppleCare+ warranty service, an added cost for people who buy an iPhone smartphone, MacBook laptop or iPad tablet device.

PayPal sends $890 million to buy money-transfer firm Xoom

CNET - The digital payments firm continues its acquisition push ahead of its split from eBay later this month.


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