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Serving the Not-for-Profit Community

Merit Network is a collaborative community of education, government, and nonprofit organizations that utilizes Merit's high-performance network, essential services, and exceptional Member support to help your organization achieve its mission and goals.

Merit has been providing connectivity to non-profit organizations in Michigan since the inception of our affiliate member program in 1992. Merit is a trusted partner of non-profits in Michigan.

Network Engineering Expertise

Merit Network's engineers are respected experts in the field and can provide customized configurations to link one office or multiple locations to Merit's backbone network. Whether it's configuring BGP, IPv6, subnetting, or multicast, our networking team can find the right solution to meet the network needs of non-profit organizations.

Merit's engineers can consult on designing your local network or improving your network's security.

Merit's High-Speed Backbone Network

Merit can provide connectivity to non-profits across Michigan. The fiber-optic backbone enables organizations to share resources across the network and save costs.

Merit manages the nation's longest-running regional network, which has been in continuous operation since May 1973. Merit has implemented a 10 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) backbone to provide a flexible, robust architecture to support the needs of our Members.

Non-Profit Organization Spotlights

Connecting a Consortium
Northeast Michigan Consortium connects its eight Michigan Works! locations using Merit Network.
Sparking Imagination
The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum uses videoconferencing to teach students about science.

Recommended Services

Merit offers several services that can benefit non-profits, including high-speed network connections, MeritMail, Merit VirtualDataCenters, and MeritVoice.

Please see the Recommended Services web page for details.

Merit Support Center

Our Merit Support Center (MSC) is staffed by a highly-trained team that can provide immediate assistance with any support questions or planning issues. The MSC offers 24x7 assistance year-round to Members with network connection issues and questions related to services.

Please see the Member Support web page for details.

Contact Us

If you need assistance, please contact Merit or call 734-527-5700.

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Phone: (734) 527-5700
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