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Assisting Research & Education in Michigan

Michigan's public universities created Merit as a shared resource to help meet their common need for state-of-the-art networking expertise and services. Nearly 50 years of rapid advances in networking and applications have continuously proven the value of sharing knowledge among campuses and collaborating to build a regional network.

Today, Merit's Members rely on Merit for the high-speed connectivity they need to fulfill their academic and research missions, including connections to Internet2 and research networks throughout the world. Merit's Members participate in the organization through strategic leadership and technical collaboration, and by sharing information through meetings, mailing lists and working groups.

Cybersecurity Training

The Michigan Cyber Range prepares cybersecurity professionals for detecting, preventing, and thwarting cyber-attacks in a real-world setting. Throughout the year, the Michigan Cyber Range hosts certification courses covering multiple cybersecurity disciplines. A current schedule of cybersecurity courses is available online.

Universities can rent their own space on the Michigan Cyber Range, and use the Merit Secure Sandbox to conduct their own training or cybersecurity excercises.

Merit's High-Speed Backbone Network

Merit's Governing Members have sites in multiple locations within Michigan, many of which are connected to Merit's backbone network. Merit can provide connectivity to satellite campus locations and research facilities across Michigan.

Merit manages the nation's longest-running regional network, which has been in continuous operation since May 1973. Merit has implemented a 10 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) backbone to provide a flexible, robust architecture to support the needs of our Members.

Governing Member Spotlights

Putting a Degree Within Reach
Central Michigan University's online and distance education programs make a degree possible for students around the world.
Imagining Possiblities, Creating Solutions
Students at Ferris State University develop an extensive understanding of computer networking technologies.
Oakland University Connects with Presidential Debate
Merit Network provides high-speed, reliable Internet to Oakland University for Republican presidential debate.
President Obama Visits Northern Michigan University, Praises NMU WiMAX Network
President chose NMU Campus in Marquette as backdrop to announce National Wireless Initiative.
Western Michigan University Selects MeritMail
Campus-wide solution supports data privacy, security and has led to increased collaboration.
Oakland University Continues to Create Partnerships
Oakland creates strategic partnerships to train tomorrow's workforce.
Northern Michigan University expands wireless reach with WiMax
New Technology will expand wireless capability for NMU students and the Marquette community.
Fueling the Bioeconomy
Michigan State University is conducting leading-edge research of biofuels and biobased technologies.
No Limit on Wireless Education
Wireless network and laptop initiative give NMU students a superior edge.
Great Things from the Valley
From 'Health Hill' and beyond, Grand Valley State University is pursuing several exciting research opportunities.
An Education for Tomorrow
Michigan State University is preparing students for the future of online education with an array of educational opportunities.
Progressive Research in Mid-Michigan
CMU Uses Technology to Pursue Advanced Research.
Technological Achievements
Michigan Technological University earns accolades for IT programs and grows its research offerings.

Recommended Services

Merit offers several services that can benefit Merit's Governing Members, including MeritMail, Merit Cloud Storage, and MeritVoice.

Please see the Recommended Services web page for details.

Merit Support Center

Our Merit Support Center (MSC) is staffed by a highly-trained team that can provide immediate assistance with any support questions or planning issues. The MSC offers 24x7 assistance year-round to Members with network connection issues and questions related to services.

Please see the Member Support web page for details.

Contact Us

If you need assistance, please contact Merit or call 734-527-5700.

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